Photo of Reverend Joyce

VOWR broadcasts from studios located in Wesley United Church in St. John\\'s, NL. The station\\'s first broadcast occurred on July 20, 1924, when Newfoundland was a country onto itself and some 25 years before confederation with Canada when it became Canada\\'s tenth province.

The founder of VOWR was the Reverend Dr. J.G. Joyce, Minister at Wesley United Church (then Wesley Methodist Church) from 1922 until 1930. Reverend Joyce was a native Newfoundlander, born in Carbonear, Newfoundland in 1889.

The station had its inaugural broadcast in July 1924, just 23 years after Marconi received the first wireless signal at historic Signal Hill located adjacent to the mouth of St. John\\'s Harbour.

The History of VOWR


VOWR 800

P.O. Box 26006
St. John\\'s, NL  A1E 0A5

Phone: (709) 579-9233
Fax: (709) 579-9232

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